Untitled (Wonderlast)

I wonder,

In such a short moment

Hundreds of thoughts come

Rushing onto my mind


I wonder,

If I so much as blink for a second

I would miss out on a detail

Even if it deems unworthy


I wonder,

If I have the power to control

To control what is appropriate,

To control what goes in and out


I wonder.

I can only hear words

Words that are loud and screaming

Inside my head and into my ears.


I wonder,

When I should start and go

But most of all,

When I should stop.


I wonder…

If I ignored the screams and howls,

Would I be at peace?

Would they be gone?


A beat.

And another.

And another.

Three whole beats.


Am I at peace?

Are they gone?

I listen carefully,

And I hear nothing



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