Untitled (Mute)

Poem (9/27/17)


I am a human being, filled

With various frameworks inside

My body is filled with blood,

Circulating all throughout her

Heart is pumping through her chest

Made up of sensitive emotions.


On a peaceful night, I lay on my bed

Thinking negatively about myself,

Continuously wondering the ‘what-ifs’,

Tossing and turning for ‘it’ to go

Away from this horrible stillness,

I want to run and scream until

My voice is hoarse from this

Never ending darkness consuming

My inner self—heart, mind, and soul—

Left wandering in a sad world where

Loneliness, uselessness, anxiousness

Failure, Anger, Disappointment…

“Get out!”, one side of me yells but

A meek yet susceptible voice overpowers

The screaming is as loud as thunder, yet

As silent as the wind, it pushes me back

With a force strong enough, I stumble

And I fall onto my knees letting

The tears flow like a river.


Made up of sensitive emotions, I

Cover it all with jokes and smiles, and

Excuses and facades are what

Keeps them from worrying. Don’t

Worry, anxiety, depression…

Why do you keep coming back?


A/N: The photo attached is my own. Don’t even think of using it without my consent. Also, this poem is kind of like a draft; I let my friend proofread this for me two weeks ago and I just never got around to edit it because of school, and I also don’t want to lol (for now). 


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